Old Navy - Digital Producer

While Gap is the parent brand, Old Navy is the money maker. With over a billion dollars in annual sales and a leader in budget friendly fashion, the online store is a major key to the success of Old Navy. I was originally contracted to help manage the cross functional teams that work on the weekly refreshes to the website. Shepherding digital assets like photos and videos through the pipeline from concept to execution, and managing the communication from marketing, design, and the development team.

US and Canda

While working on the US and Canada sites I managed the production of numerous high profile campaigns including the "Thank You Event", "Back-to-School" and "Labor of Love" campaigns.

For each campaign I carefully tracked the development of over 100 images, with market specific pricing and language nuances, facilitated translations, ensured proper image mapping for links and tracking, and expertly QA'd each site before launch.

The "Back to School" campaign spanned the last 2 months of summer from July-August and encompassed multiple forms of interactivity including user initiated carousels, outfit selectors and video launches. Back-to-School also exceeded projections by over 20% and was voted internally as the best campaign of 2015.


Mexico Site and Email

In October of 2015, Old Navy opened 9 stores in Mexico. In order to promote this fact and educate the Mexican consumers, a large PR and OOH campaign was launched. With millions of dollars on the line, Old Navy entrusted me with the task of producing a new template for the Mexico website and a new production process that would allow us to use the same amount of designers without creating bandwidth issues. I was able to develop a new truncated pipeline that would leverage the US campaign assets and cut a normal 6 week launch pipeline down to 3 weeks.

Additionally, the Mexico site launched as the first fully responsive Old Navy site, and we were able to take learnings from this project and apply them to making the US site equally as responsive.


Franchise and US Splash pages

While maintaining the regular updates to the Mexico site, I managed the production of several "Franchise" sites, which are used to give a web presence to our partners around the world, such as in Dubai, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In addition to my work on the international sites, I am regularly tasked to manage the production of specialty sites for the US team such as a splash page to communicate the out reach of the Camp Old Navy foundation, and a newCareers portal that would attract better talent and give them more insight into the Old Navy brand.