Canon USA - Marketing Specialist

The heart of Canon will always be its camera division, and in the US, the camera division accounts for just over 4 billion dollars. Although the pro division boosts the credibility, the consumer division is where Canon makes most of their money. I was hired into the consumer division to produce fresh sales materials including training presentations, product guides, and video demos.

Training Presentations and Product Guides

Having to hit the ground running with only 2 months time before our national sales meeting, I developed a new template for sales presentations and product guides that allowed the sales team to more easily digest the latest features and understand their benefits.

Press Relations

I came to Canon during a pivotal moment in the company's history. The prevalence of smartphones and the increasing quality of their cameras had taken a toll on the sales of point and shoot cameras. I was tasked with convincing the media and hopefully in turn the consumer that the quality of canon cameras could not be beat, and the "good enough" mindset from phone cameras was not acceptable if you wanted to preserve your photos long term.

Product Launches and Press Activity

Working with the media to provide sneak peaks and NDA briefings for a series of new products such as the Rebel T4i and Canon G1X, we were able to secure an average of 500 million media impressions per launch