Altec Lansing - Go-To-Market

With iconic moments like the Beatles final US concert and Woodstock blasting through Altec's speakers, there should be no reason to purchase anything else. However after the company closed down their pro audio division and started making consumer products 20 years ago, they lost credibility in the market place and virtually no one under the age of 50 knows who they are. I was brought in during a re-branding of the company in order to help an aging manufacturer become relevant to the youth market.

Lifestyle Events

With a 2nd stage sponsorship at the Vans Warped Tour (a premier touring festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of kids age 12-21 within a 3 month span) on the books I used my industry contacts to design and coordinate a series of activities that would keep festival goers inside the Altec booth throughout the day, so that they could experience the sound quality and associate Altec with their favorite music. The result was an overwhelming response by the target whom voted the Altec booth/stage their favorite place to be during the festival, and we saw over 200 million media impressions on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Mobile Applications

Creative Direction + Vendor Management

Alarm Rock

The first iOS App that Altec developed was a simple alarm clock app that interfaced with the Octiv Mini speaker. After reviewing the visuals and UI, I petitioned the VP for a re-design. I hired a UI designer and worked with both him and the developer to make an App that fell within our brand standards and stayed on message.

Music Mix

Music Mix interfaced with our dual charging iPod dock, and had the unique ability to allow users to shuffle between all the music on both devices, and even choose a percentage of music that would be played from each device.

Music Mood

Music Mood was meant to interface with our Octiv Stage speaker that had special hookups to connect to the video input of the consumers TV. Because of this unique functionality, we decided to give the user a video playlist of relaxing visuals such as fireplace crackling, beach sunset, and mountain clouds blowing by.

Product Demos

Creative Direction + Vendor Management

Web Demos

Altec Lansing has always done well with online sales, but after I decided to contract a content distribution service and develop a standard look and feel for all the product demos on every e-commerce site (including, online conversion increased by an average of 20%.

Retail Displays and Product Shippers

Working with a handful of vendors and Altec's internal design team, I managed the production of numerous powered displays and product shippers for use in stores such as Costco, BestBuy, and Radio Shack.